Spyhill Landfill Excavation and Recapping

In order to properly manage surface water run-off from The City’s Spyhill Landfill, Waste & Recycling Services must make some adjustments to the contour of a previously filled area. This involves a small section of the landfill. The cap of clay, soil and vegetation is an essential part of the design of a landfill cell as this prevents water from reaching the garbage, producing a liquid known as leachate that must be captured, removed and treated. This essential work requires the excavation and relocation of some household waste that was placed and covered several years ago. The work began in late October and is only expected to last a few weeks, weather permitting. We will limit the area of waste that is exposed at any given time to minimize any potential odour impact on our residential and commercial neighbours. We have also put other mitigation efforts in place to cover the exposed waste as soon as possible to prevent odours. Please contact Corey Colbran, Landfill Operations Leader, through 311 if you have any questions about this project.